The Alps Residences Tampines Showflat and Preview Prices

The Alps Residences are yet one more residential housing project under construction in Singapore. There have been over a dozen housing projects on the island in the last few years, with even more planned for the future. For many people in the country the completion of new homes, generally in the guise of executive condos is a really good thing as it greatly improves the chances of them been able to own a home of their own. The development at the Alps Residences comes as a continuation of efforts by the government to have more homes for the population as a whole.

The Alps Residences Tampines Showflat and Preview Prices

The developers of The Alps Residences site and floor plans are strongly convinced that the project will provide them with a handsome return on their investment. They believe that the location of The Alps Residences in Tampines could be a key element in whether or not the condos will sell well, or if take up rates will be too slow. Earlier projects in fairly similar locations have done well and developers have made decent profits. It would seem that the positioning of the site between Tampines at one end, and the Bedok Reservoir at the other should give the Alps Residences a good chance of selling all of its units. The showflat of the development in Tampines is ready for viewing soon.

The Alps Residences Condo Floor and Site Plan MCC Land

The location will make it an handy place to live for people that wish to be close to Century Square, Downtown East as well as bus and MRT stations. These stations increase the appeal of owning a condo in the complex as it means people will be able to get to the places that they want to go to, even if they do not have a car. With many shops in the area because of the Tampines Mall those people that like to shop would consider moving in.

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Kingsford Waterbay Showroom Address and Forum Review on Floor Plan

Kingsford Waterbay is a development of condos under construction in District 19 of Singapore. It is indicated that the TOP Date is in Dec 2018 and there are many floor plans in the new showroom development. Kingsford Waterbay showroom is located at the address of Upper Serangoon View Road. It is a construction project that is being built by Kingsford Development and will provide new executive condos that will allow residents to live in comfort as well as luxury. The site will have shared areas outside where people can relax after a busy day at work or during the weekend. There will be trees to offer shade besides making the surroundings greener. Then there will be the water next to the condos that people can use for leisure as well as sporting activities.

Pricing for Kingsford Waterbay

Kingsford were convinced enough about the great potential for a profit that they were determined to make the winning bid for this double sized land parcel. They were duly awarded the contract tender by the Urban Redevelopment Authority and hold the land upon the basis of a 99 year lease. The extra land available made it a popular plot for real estate development as all the bidding companies were well aware of the extra space to construct more properties on the site. It was worth paying extra as there will be more units to sell on completion.

Kingsford Waterbay Floor Plans

The plan is to build a grand total of 1,165 condos on the site for Kingsford Waterbay Condo, compared to a range of 400 to 700 units built for the majority of condo complexes on Singapore. That makes Kingsford Waterbay the largest such complex on the island by a large margin. However the developers have ensured that the completed condo blocks will be of a really high standard to maximize the number of buyers as soon as people are able to buy their own individual condos. The location, size, and high quality of the condos all add up to a housing development that will undoubtedly sell strongly as people look to move into a popular area.

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