Muse @ Newton Freehold Condo Newton MRT Station

A lot goes into determining the value of a piece of real estate but one thing that stands out is the location. To find a property that gives you a quiet and serene environment while also positioning you close to all the necessary shopping malls is what the Muse @ Newton provides its residents.

Muse @ Newton Amara Holdings

The property is the brain child of Amara Holdings who acquired the 31 Newton road land and the 29 Newton Road combining them to build this 6 story tall master piece. As already stated, despite the good capacity of the property and the various amenities, it stands out as one of the ideally located properties. The property is located near Newton MRT station in the renowned District 11 in Singapore; the district that gives great prestige to its inhabitants.

Muse @ Newton Freehold Condo Newton MRT Station

The Muse @ Newton Newton MRT is also located near the world renowned orchard road that is the hub for various malls, bars, boutiques and other great amenities. The property houses some of the best amenities you can find for families as well as individuals. There is something for everyone within the complex. For those that do not enjoy traveling around to get some leisure, there are a lot of amenities that will be housed within the building.

Muse @ Newton Near to Core City Centre

The property will have a guard house, club house, indoor gym, a 50 meters swimming pool, sun deck, BBQ pits and Children’s playground. Everyone loves enjoying their space and it is important to mention that the Muse @ Newton Singapore is a 6 story building that houses 55 units. Within these 55 units are condos for families as well as those for individuals with all the necessary amenities.
The property has spacious rooms and the whole property stands out as a work of architectural genius in the way it has been designed and then constructed.

The idea behind the construction of the Muse @ Newton Condo is combining a great living space for families while creating an environment where residents can be sufficient within that space. The idea also ensures necessary amenities are made available while also having that strategic location. Once that property is officially opened for occupation in 2018, it will be the place to live.